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Tony Hale

I am a 86 year old retired postal worker. My wife of over 40 years passed away last year and we have no children. I was born in Marshall, MN to an attorney father and stay-at-home mother. I spend most of my time camping and drinking coffee with friends.

I am 66 years old, a mother of 2 and a grandmother to 5. I was born and raised in Aberdeen, SD. I helped my parents run a successful grocery store for 47 years until their death in 1998. Currently, I run an in-home daycare in Worthing, MN, where I settled after retirement. I enjoy leading my local book club, as well as knitting and tending to my garden.

I am a 73 years old father of 3, and a grandfather to 11 grandchildren. I come from a family that has resided in Kearney, NE since the 19th century. I enjoy my morning walks, spends 2 afternoons per week volunteering at my community church, and coaching Kearney’s high school baseball team.